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Slayaway Camp is one of those games focused on violence and its primary focus is on offering you a way to eliminate all the enemies in front of you. At its core though, the game is a very fun and exciting horror experience and one that only manages to get better as you play. It really goes to show the true excitement and fun you can get from this type of action packed game.

The title comes with 11 videotapes and around 140 levels to go through. You are also getting the ability to unlock multiple psycho killers in the game too. This is great, since you can unlock some that are known from iconic movies. You can also have a wide range of unique kill scenes too, and that on its own is truly unique and fun to explore all the time! If you love horror games, this is a great title to enjoy!

What's New

HALLOWEEN HORROR UPDATE! As a special MURDERLICIOUS 'thank you' to everyone for their positive reviews and support, we have launched a brand new update that includes tons of new content! A brand new movie: HELL CAMP full of mind wrecking puzzles, plus the Holy Skullface killer, new kill animations, new bonus kills, new deleted scenes and more!

If you're loving Slayaway Camp, don't forget to leave a review! Happy Slaying from all of us at Blue Wizard!


  • Package Name: Slayaway Camp APK + MOD 10,000+
  • Game Size: October 13, 2017
  • Installs: 59M
  • Required Android OS: 1.7
  • Published: 1st January 1970 at 9:12 am
  • Language: English

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