The Sandbox Evolution – Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! 1.5.6 MOD APK Download
Developed By: PIXOWL INC.
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Destroy, build, and craft pixel 8-bit worlds, make art, create a game and play god in this intriguing game titled The Sandbox Evolution, and this game is offered by PIXOWL INC. The Sandbox Evolution is one of the latest and trending games in the market.

In this game, you can build pixel world or destroy pixel world with you Godly 8 bit touch. You build a paradise that is custom crafted for fun, with fully controllable heroes, over 170 elements, advanced physics. The player can craft a pixel city, puzzle, dungeon or anything you want. In The Sandbox Evolution, you can craft a world that is ten times bigger than in the previous Sandbox game.

Game Features
★ Create amazing pixel worlds
★ Over 20 mixed elements
★ Make prehistoric words
★ Summon mythical creatures

This game pretty much allows you to do anything you want to with pixels, and the control is simple and straightforward.

What's New

+ Snake enemy: moves two tiles per second.
+ 5 Elements from the Dungeon Mode come into other Sandbox modes: Light Portal (and Horde), Acid Spirit, Fire Spirit, Ice Spirit, Void Spirit
+ 3 Moving Platforms. move while a Character is above them.
+ 3 Timed Platforms: move one tile per second.
+ Destroyable Vase: block the path of characters and enemies.
+ TelePortals: they work in pairs and move a character from one to the other when entered.


  • Package Name: The Sandbox Evolution – Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! APK + MOD 1.5.6
  • Game Size: 80M
  • Installs: 5,000,000+
  • Required Android OS: 4.4 and up
  • Published: 16th May 2018 at 6:50 am
  • Language: English, French, Spanish

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